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 Consider first

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PostSubject: Consider first   Tue Dec 11, 2007 6:45 pm

This is for those who want to join the Spartan clan
and for those who are already in and they are unaware..

The name Spartan carries a big history of 4 years since c1
This is primarily a pvp clan
Xp comes second when pvp is on
So actually im telling u this
This is not a carebear xp grinding "i wanna xp till death" clan
This is a hardcore pvp clan and u better step up in pvp when people need u
or get the fck out,for real
We dont need any carebears,really
Yes u join us for our beautiful clan halls
Yes u join us for our numbers
Yes u join us for our activity
But hey...we need u for pvp and major activities..
Dont pretend to be afk..
Yes u may say,we need lvls to pvp..well,do it wisely...xp but when they need u plz step up..thats why we payed and we keep paying for ch..
To keep us in shape
So please consider this before applying or if u r in the clan

See you in game..take the clan to the next level..u r the clan
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Consider first
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